NitroBot is a trading ecosystem for seamless
and private transactions, complete with a free,
comprehensive sniper and DeFi wallet On
iOS and Android.

Transact, With
Speed and Privacy In Mind

NitroBot is a complete ecosystem for sniping, swapping and protecting your privacy

Use Nitrobot instead of Uniswap and get bonuses like MEV protection, antirug functions and more

Ultimate efficiency in trading

Our software includes everything you need to get started. From DEX replacement to fully complete sniping software that provides you a competitive advantage.


What if you could buy a token right at launch? Be among the first ones? NitroSniper is a Telegram bot with easy liquidity, launch and method sniping.


Keep an eye on your crypto balances in BSC and ETH wallets without having to switch applications or leave Telegram.

Decentralized and unstoppable

Get faster trades and earlier entries with added bonuses.

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